What Holds Your Building Together?
Understanding Project Delivery!


You’ve worked hard to learn the technical skills needed to do your job; now it is time to understand the bigger picture of how building projects are organized, the roles and responsibilities of the various players, and the communication and management tools that can lead to successful project outcomes and enhance your career.

The success of a project is improved if all of the stakeholders understand the process:

  • An Owner who requires a facility
  • A/Es who create and decide what to build, and produce construction documentation
  • Contractors who build the project and provide construction management services
  • Manufacturers and suppliers who provide products and materials and
  • Facility managers who operate and maintain structures and facilities.

Learn how it all goes together with the West Region CSI

Project Delivery Education Program

Possibly the most valuable professional development program
you can take this year…

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This acclaimed 10-week course of 90-minute GoToMeeting presentations, based on the CSI Project Delivery Practice Guide – 3rd Edition, provides valuable best practices from CSI professionals with experience in real estate development, design, construction, product representation, facility management, and law.

You will come away with an understanding of the project life cycle from conception to completion and be on the way to success in achieving the Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) credential.

FALL 2022 SESSION: Wednesdays from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm Pacific

 August 31 through November 2, 2022

Register at csiresources.org/westregion/home

for yourself or your group

Contact: Patrick Comerford CSI, CCPR, West Region CSI

Past President & Certification Chair

Call or Text to 805-402-2167  Email to [email protected]

15 HSW Credits

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