Welcome to the top 10 #CONSTRUCT 2017 moments, day three edition! This is a quick roundup of the highlights of all the great Social Media content coming out of the Rhode Island Convention Center from this year’s CONSTRUCT event.

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Our chapter, CSI East Bay Oakland, has two representatives in attendance this year: Chapter Secretary Vonnie Bower and Chapter Vice President Robert Hemphill, and they have been kind enough to send pictures and information about their #CONSTRUCT experience. Thank you both!

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1. Once again, the day starts out early, but Lauren is ready to go!


2. Eric and Cherise working the room. They were everywhere at #CONSTRUCT!


3. Looks like a fun tour!:


4. ClarkDietrich had a great time at #CONSTRUCT:


5. The Pink Panther was in attendance at #CONSTRUCT:


6. Game Changer Session with Paul Doherty:


7. CSI Annual General Meeting:


8. Bower’s BEHR bear:


9 Some people didn’t want #CONSTRUCT 2017 to end:


10. And to finish off #CONSTRUCT 2017, the annual CSI Night Out:


That wraps up day three! Any honorable mentions that didn’t make our list? Comment below!

Thank you very much to everyone who made these top 10 lists possible with all their great pictures and content from #CONSTRUCT 2017! Thank you for reading, have a safe trip home, and we’ll see you next year at #CONSTRUCT 2018 in Long Beach, CA!

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