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Education Seminar – November 18, 2016

Landmark Waterproofing Disasters

The CSI East Bay Oakland Chapter presents two education seminars each year. For the past two years the chapter has focused on the theme of waterproofing disasters; case studies of projects showing what went wrong, how they were repaired and information on how to avoid problems in the first place.  These events have been well attended, ranging from 50 to over 100 attendees, at each seminar.  There is clearly a desire for more information regarding waterproofing design and construction and product performance.

Landmark Waterproofing Disasters was cosponsored by AIA East Bay:



Today’s seminar covered the following;

Tom Butt, with Interactive Resources, presented the analysis, design solutions and construction for waterproofing issues at the Powell Street BART station. The station has had on-going problems with water leaking into the concourse area for many years. Tom explained previous attempts to fix the problems, what products worked and what products did not work. Leaks in the concrete ceiling structure along an existing steam line were particularly problematic due to excessive heat transmitted to the concrete. After several attempts to apply different products a successful solution was finally achieved.  A key factor in this case study was analysis of the existing conditions and testing of various waterproofing products to determine a successful solution.  This required manufacturers representative’s providing accurate and appropriate assessment of their products performance for the conditions encountered.


John Guill, with DTR Consulting, showed us a project where the waterproofing system for a below grade parking structure on a multi-story residential project was not adequately detailed. In addition, constructability of the structure within the property lines of the site created problems for installation of a waterproofing system. DTR was not brought into the project until construction of the below grade walls was under way.  In the end, the structural design for the below grade walls was re-designed to allow working clearances for installation of a proper waterproofing system. The takeaway from this case study was that communication is required from all parties involved with the waterproofing system. Early analysis of the construction sequencing and recognition of constructability issues could have allowed the design and construction team to solve the problem before construction began.


Brian Neumann, with Neumann Sloat Arnold Architects LLP, reviewed his concrete restoration project at 945 Green Street in San Francisco. What started out as a simple review of issues with the exterior finish, developed into major abatement work, restoration of the concrete exterior walls, replacement of wood windows and ornamental features on the building. A very interesting description of the architectural features and history of this iconic San Francisco building, how water infiltration over time can cause damage to concrete, reinforcing steel and wood windows, and what it takes to make repairs and put it all back together.


Brian Neumann, AIA, presents on his concrete restoration project located at 945 Green Street in San Francisco.


Joel Agnello, with Richard Avelar & Associates and Mike Hilliard, of Hilliard Architects, teamed up to describe a project that ended up in litigation due to severe water intrusion. Interesting that Joel and Mike were on opposing teams in this situation. Joel talked about the issues with the construction and the water testing that was done to identify problems. Mike talked about what basic information was missing from the architectural details and how a weather-tight assembly was dependent upon awareness of proper detailing and correct installation by the contractor, which in this case did not occur.  Basic resources for wall, window and roof detailing were identified and an overview of the level of detailing needed to depict proper materials and sequencing of waterproofing and flashing were discussed.


Joel Agnello of Richard Avelar + Associates presents on a project with severe water intrusion on November 18, 2016.


Mike Hilliard, AIA, CSI, of Hilliard Architects presents on a project with severe water intrusion on November 18, 2016.


In addition to our speakers today, we had five manufacturers’ representatives with tabletop displays of their latest waterproofing products, on hand to answer questions.


Our next education seminar will be in April 2017 and the topic will be building enclosure systems, addressing both waterproofing issues and Title 24, Part 6 energy standards.

If you have an idea for a future education seminar topic, please let us know. Please visit our website at https://eastbay.csinet.org/

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